Employee Directory

Employee Directory

The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center is a division of Gallaudet University. The office address, videophone and phone numbers, and email addresses of all Clerc Center employees can be found at the Gallaudet University employee database.

Alternatively, you are welcome to browse the alphabetical listing of Clerc Center employees shown below.

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 Cary Barbin
 Director, Operations

 Marianne Belsky
 Interim Executive Director, Demonstration Elementary and Secondary Schools

 Bridgetta Bourne-Firl
 Director, Training, Products, and Dissemination

 Frances Brown
 Coordinator, Assessment

 Heidi Burns
 Coordinator, Inclusion and Differentiation

 Yvonne Catt
 Specialist, Administration and Operations

 Jonathan Cetrano
 Coordinator, Outreach Dissemination

 Patricia Dabney
 Specialist, Training

 Mindi Failing, Eds.
 Principal, Model Secondary School for the Deaf

 Hollie Fallstone
 Coordinator, Human Resources

 Timothy Frelich
 Manager, Business Services and Enrollment

 Matt Goedecke
 Director, Curriculum and Instruction

 Ben Hoshina
 Coordinator, Administrative Support

 LaWanda Jackson
 Senior Program Analyst, Research and Evaluation

 Michelle Jefferson
 Executive Administrative Assistant, Planning, Development, and Dissemination

 Mary Ann Kinsella-Meier
 Manager, Projects

 Mary Lightfoot
 Manager, Projects

 Glenn Lockhart
 Director, Public Relations and Communications

 Lori Lutz, PhD
 Director, Research and Evaluation

 Betsy Meynardie
 Executive Director, Planning, Development, and Dissemination

 Debra Nussbaum
 Manager, Projects

 Leslie Page
 Manager, Projects

 Roz Prickett
 Manager, Compliance

 Matt Rider
 Manager, Projects

 Deb Skjeveland
 Director, MSSD Student Life

 Caitlin Smith
 Coordinator, Interpreting Services

 Luciana Spinosi
 Coordinator, Enrollment

 Nicole Sutliffe
 Executive Director, Administration and Operations
 Chief of Staff

 Debra Trapani
 Principal, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

 Catherine Valcourt-Pearce
 Managing Editor, Odyssey

 Nancylynn Ward, PhD
 Assistant Director, Training, Products, and Dissemination

 Fang Zhou
 Digital Media Specialist, Planning, Development, and Dissemination

Updated March 2017

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