This section of Info to Go includes information and resources related to literacy for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

About: Strategies and Tips to Support the Development of Literacy 

This document, developed at the Clerc Center, discusses various aspects of the literacy process including practical strategies in promoting literacy.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: Federal Support for Developing Language and Literacy, May 2011 (Government Accounting Office)

This report from the U.S. Government Accounting Office examines: a) the extent of hearing loss among students in publicly funded education, b) the types of settings in which students who are deaf or hard of hearing are educated, c) the factors that help children who are deaf or hard of hearing acquire language and literacy skills, and d) the challenges to providing appropriate interventions to these students.

Fifteen Principles for Reading to Deaf Children

These principles were developed at the Clerc Center to share effective practices for how to read aloud to deaf and hard of hearing children, based on research on how Deaf parents read to their Deaf children. These principles were developed to give parents and teachers skills and strategies for reading aloud in American Sign Language. The resource is provided in print and ASL.

Literacy: It All Connects 

These nine evidence-based practices in reading and writing were identified at the Clerc Center as being integral to creating a comprehensive approach to literacy learning. Provided is on-line information about these practices and associated links on this topic.

Literacy Training at the Clerc Center

The Clerc Center offers numerous trainings on literacy. For more information, see Clerc Center literacy resources. 

Reading Research and Deaf Children (VL2)

English   Spanish    Chinese

A 2011 research brief developed by VL2 provides an overview of the research discussing multiple factors impacting deaf and hard of hearing children and reading.

Shared Reading Project 

The Shared Reading Project (SRP) is a Clerc Center program for parents and caregivers to teach families how to read to their young children in American Sign Language. SRP matches participating families with Deaf tutors. The Shared Reading Project: Keys to Success Training is a three-day program for individuals who are considering setting up a SRP site.

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