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Educating Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: A Guide for Professionals in General Education Settings

This three-module resource, designed at the Clerc Center in collaboration with Educational Regional Center 20 in Texas, is intended for educators in general education settings. The modules provide introductory information about students who are deaf and hard of hearing, instructional considerations for educators, and information about educational planning (IDEA, Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act, ADA).

I Like Dialogue Journals, BUT...

This is an on-line course based on I Like Dialog Journals, BUT..., a manual and DVD. This free, self-paced course is a primer for the use of dialogue journals with students who are deaf and hard of hearing. It explains what dialogue journals are, and demonstrates how they can be used effectively with students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. 

Literacy: It all Connects 

A free, self-paced, on-line course that provides an overview of the components of a comprehensive and balanced literacy program for deaf and hard of hearing students from preschool through high school. This research-based training reflects effective teaching practices in schools around the country and highlights a literacy program based on nine strategies for encouraging the development of reading and writing skills. The course features presentations in American Sign Language on each of the strategies, as well as resources and suggestions for application in the classroom. 

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