Kendall Demonstration Elementary School
Kendall Demonstration Elementary School
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KDES Grades K-8

Students in Kindergarten through the 8th grade at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School meet for five full days a week and enjoy experiential, hands-on learning. Emphasis is placed on the student becoming an active learner, asking questions, finding answers, and working with others to present what they have learned. We believe that learning in this way is more meaningful and taps into students' natural curiosity.

Democracy is practiced in the classroom every day. Teachers, staff members, and students strive to create a place that is much like the world they live in now and will function in as adults. This environment fosters students' respect for each other and their similarities and differences.

Instruction is tailored to each student based on his or her Individualized Education Program. Students receive support from skilled professionals in the areas of American Sign Language, audiology, speech-language, occupational and physical therapy, and more. Cochlear implant support is available from specialists.