Kendall Demonstration Elementary School
Kendall Demonstration Elementary School
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Audiology and Speech-Language

Audiology and speech-language pathology services are a component of the Student Services Unit. The audiologists and speech-language pathologists work collaboratively to meet student needs related to audiological assessment, spoken language assessment, and services to support auditory and speech development. These specialists also work collaboratively with KDES American Sign Language specialists to evaluate and integrate comprehensive services related to language development. Audiology services are provided routinely to all students annually, biannually, or on an as-needed basis. Speech-language services are provided either in individual or small group sessions or in the classroom as determined by students' IFSPs/IEPs.

The Cochlear Implant Education Center (CIEC), a unit of the Clerc Center, works collaboratively with the KDES instructional and support services staff to provide supports related to the maintenance of cochlear implant equipment and strategies to integrate spoken English into the KDES ASL/English bilingual program. The CIEC includes a coordinator, a cochlear implant/bilingual specialist, and a part-time spoken language resource specialist who work collaboratively with support staff and instructional staff to design and implement bilingual classroom models to meet the individualized language needs of students with cochlear implants as well as students using other listening technologies.