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Circulation Procedures

Kendall Library Borrowing Policies and Circulation Periods

Please have all new Clerc Center students, teachers, staff members, and other patrons fill out the registration form.

KDES Student Patron Limit Loan Period


1 book for one week

Grades 1-3:

1 book for one week for first two quarters and 2 books for the last two quarters

Grades 4-8:

2 books for one week


10 books for one month

*KDES students may borrow beyond the book limit for special projects. Their teachers must present the library staff with a list of the students working on special projects.

For Clerc Center Teachers and Staff

The borrowing periods for library materials are listed below:

  • Books - one month
  • Filmstrips - one week
  • Guided Reading - two weeks
  • Professional journals - two weeks
  • Reference - overnight
  • Videotapes - one day


Policy for Overdue, Damaged, or Lost Library Materials

There are no overdue fines, but the patrons will be asked to pay for or replace lost items. If the price of the item is not known, the charge is $5 for paperbacks and $10 for hard covers. Overdue notices are sent out on a regular basis.

Teachers should submit a written notice to the librarian if special arrangements need to be made for any KDES students having financial difficulties. The librarian may waive the fines if the materials have not been turned in for more than one year.

Invoices for any outstanding items will be forwarded to the Budget Office at the Clerc Center.


For Gallaudet University Students

Gallaudet University students must fill out a Gallaudet University Student Registration Form. This form is available at the Kendall School Library. In addition, a valid Gallaudet University I.D. is required for checking out library books. The borrowing period is three weeks with a limit of 10 books. All materials must be returned to the Kendall School Library prior to the Study Day (see Gallaudet University's Academic Calendar) before the semester ends in December and May. Borrowing is not permitted during the summer and winter break.

If a book is lost or damaged, students should notify the Kendall School Library staff immediately. Books that are overdue for two weeks automatically become "LOST" books. A replacement charge (value of the item) plus a $10 processing fee per book will be added to the student's record. If books are returned the replacement charge is forgiven, but Gallaudet students must still pay the $10 fee per book. Invoices for any outstanding items will be forwarded to the Gallaudet University Accounting Office.