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MSSD provides students with an academically rigorous program to enable them to become self-directed, independent, and resourceful learners.

  1. Students will acquire essential knowledge and skills, including those identified in the national standards (language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, the arts, health, physical education, technology, and deaf studies), and be able to apply them in planning and carrying out complex projects.
  2. Students will achieve, to the best of their ability, a full repertoire of linguistic and communicative competencies to use at their disposal in interaction with both deaf and hearing people.
  3. Students will be critical, creative, and reflective thinkers, decision makers, and problem solvers who effectively cooperate and collaborate to achieve common goals in life situations and groupings that reflect cultural, social, and academic diversity.
  4. Students will display emotional intelligence through a positive attitude, respect, and a healthy pattern of behavior toward themselves and others.
  5. Students will design, refine, and initiate a life plan based on self-exploration and experience that incorporates knowledge of their rights, available resources, and effective self-advocacy.

Classroom instruction is designed to address each student's Individualized Education Program needs and goals, and it is driven by the student's transition plan. MSSD students are expected to graduate ready to pursue postsecondary goals and become active members of their communities.