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Gallaudet University Library Access Rules for MSSD Students

MSSD students may use the Gallaudet University Library to supplement the resources of the MSSD Learning Resources Center and in the company of an MSSD instructor or with a university campus pass. In return for library privileges, MSSD students must abide by the policies and procedures of the Library.

Patron Records for MSSD Students - Any MSSD student who wants to borrow a book must be registered with the Library. Registration means that the Library has a record of the student in the system with a permanent Gallaudet University ID number. Use of the Library's on-line catalog on campus does not require registration.

Library Borrowing Cards - The MSSD student's ID becomes the borrowing card once the student has come to the Library's Circulation Desk and had a barcode number affixed to the ID.

Checking Out Books - MSSD students may borrow 10 books at a time. If more than 10 are needed, they should see the library circulation specialist.

Loan Period - Books may be borrowed for four weeks.

Renewing Books - Books may be renewed for additional four-week periods as long as no one else has requested the books. Books may be renewed in person at the Library's Circulation Desk or online by following the procedures here.

Winter Break Due Date - The Library "recalls" all of its books at the end of the university semester, usually around mid-December. Students who need books during the winter break should get a note from their instructors and see the library circulation specialist.

Overdue Books - Students who have one or more overdue books lose their library privileges until the books are returned.

Overdue Fines - The Library charges $.25 per day per book for overdue books. Students lose library privileges if $5 or more in fines is owed.

Lost Books - Books that are overdue for 40 days automatically become lost books and the computer adds a $10 overdue charge and $57 lost book charge per book to the student's record. If books are returned, the $57 lost book charge is forgiven but students must still pay the $10 overdue charge.

Borrowing from Other Washington Research Library Consortium Libraries - MSSD students do not have borrowing privileges at the other WRLC libraries.