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Student Life

The goal of Student Life is to provide our students with a total MSSD experience, rounding out their academic development. We create opportunities for learning, involvement, leadership, community building, and creative expression that go beyond the classroom.

At MSSD, all students are encouraged to engage in or lead social learning opportunities that involve interactive team learning, individual learning, planning, and taking on adult responsibilities, allowing them to realize their potential.

Get involved, join in a student organization, take part in our drama program, participate in sports, and see what Student Life has to offer!

Director of Student Life
Deb Skjeveland

Residence Hall Staff
Boys: E-mail or text (202) 905-6749
Girls: E-mail or text (202) 905-6001

George Boyd - Educational Support Manager
Holly Bullard - Student Activities Manager
Dan Fitzpatrick - Weekend Residence Education Manager
Bregitt Jimenez - Student Support Specialist 
Baranda Johnson - Week Residence Education Manager
Rachel Parker - Student Activities Coordinator
Christopher Sewell - Student Life Operations Coordinator

Student Development Activities